A little dream – to give children joy, turned in 1996 into a large factory for the production of more than 80 types of ice cream. The production of puff yeast and yeast-free dough and frozen semi-finished dough products, such as turnovers and croissants with delicious fillings according to traditional recipes of real hostesses, was gradually added to the main activity of the factory.

Furthermore: hot pizza lovers were not left without attention, only from the oven, fresh and tasty, in 20 minutes – what is not motivation, to do everything possible for this. 8 types of frozen pizza added to the manufacturer’s portfolio

March in step with technological innovations, in 2013, Drancor installed the latest Italian equipment TEKNOLINE with higher performance, complying with EU standards and regulations. This gives the opportunity to increase the annual production and meet the demand in all corners of the country and even beyond its borders.

Today, our ice cream is produced on Italian, Danish and German equipment, and the production process is maximally automated.

We pay special attention to environmental issues – modern cleansing structures and a closed water treatment module prevent environmental pollution and saves natural resources.

Raw materials and components for ice cream are sourced from world leaders in the production of high quality products and chocolate and syrup we produce ourselves.

The production uses whole milk, dairy butter and a lot of fruits, as well as natural juices, honey and jam for ice cream with fruit filling.

The safety and taste of our products are ensured by quality control at every stage of the production process and, first of all, by our qualified technologists, who are happy to train in Germany and Italy.



One of the most important achievements of the Drancor company is a gold medal and an honorary diploma in the nomination “Top Level Management” at the competition “Best National Manufacturer” held in Paris in 1998

In 2014, “Drancor” SRL won the “International Food and Beverage Quality Award” held in Madrid, Spain.